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19 July 2011 @ 04:06 pm
Random Ramblings!  
Greetings, everyone!

I've been wanting to post here for a very, very, very long time but until now have been feeling nervous about it. I know some of you guys on DeviantArt already, but I thought it might be nice to actually say something here, too! I've done lots of Wiggins/Ratcliffe art, and it's all on my DevArt account:


I am also writing an in-progress Wiggins/Ratcliffe fanfiction, which can be found here: http://mistresscat.deviantart.com/gallery/4772874

It IS slash, and does have some slightly PG-13 ( R? I'm not sure anymore ) material, but I have and always do strive to keep it as clean as humanly possible, so it shouldn't be offensive to anyone, I hope!

It's still going on, and is by no means done, but I thought I would share it since almost every amazing fiction I've read for this fandom, I found here first. It seems to be a good place to look for fan stories. This community is so awesome! *fan-flail*

Soooo... I also made my daughter and myself Pocahontas costumes for Halloween last year. She is a fan, too, but more so of Meeko and the protagonists.

Now all we need is a Ratcliffe!
We were able to wear our costumes to an event ( a renaissance faire seemed perfect, considering the time period and all! ) so I thought I would share those, mostly!

( Got that Cousin Itt thing going on, XD  It's super windy where we live, ALL THE TIME )

I don't think anyone knew who we were, but they DID know that my daughter was a raccoon so I count that as a victory. Her mask is not on in any pictures that I've found, but I did make her one! XD

Sorry for the picture spam! Do let me know if I need to take these down or remove this post for any reason!
I felt it was high time that I stop just looking and start contributing a little.

Wiggins needs more love! He is an amazing character and I am admittedly head-over-heels for him, for Ratcliffe, for the whole fandom, and for this community which has given me the courage to love Wigcliffe and not care what people think. ^_^

Thank you for existing, Wiggins community!
Mistress Catmistresscat13 on August 24th, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Howdy!!!
Thank you so, so much!!! I'm pretty sure I can't describe how much reading that made me smile. ^_^

I do hope that all of us will encourage others to follow what's in their hearts, and not hide away just because something might not be what's popular. I know that that's exactly what your art inspired me to do, and I'm sure that's what it has done for everyone else.

Thank you for always being so kind, and for sharing your art! This LJ community is the best place ever.

( I'll guess I'll have to do a silly Tumblr-stuff post here, too. XD )

Here's to going against the status quo!